Tuesday, 2 July 2013

‘A few’ and ‘A little’

Common Errors in English -2

‘A few’ and ‘A little’

I have seen advertisements that say, ‘Few seats available; rush’. What the advertiser means is , ‘A few seats’.  When ‘A’ is added before ‘few’, it gets a positive meaning- 'ஒரு சில'/'कुछ '. But without 'A', 'few' means almost nil.

We can say, 
'He is an introvert; he has few friends.'
What we mean is, he has hardly any friends.

When we make a positive statement, we can say, 
'He has a few good friends; he need not worry.

In the same way, 'A little' has a  positive meaning. 

'I will make tea for you. There is a little milk.'

But when the milk is so little that one cannot make tea, one can say, 
'Sorry. I can't make tea. There is little milk left.

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