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Sanskrit Names

Sanskrit Names:

The letter ज in Sanskrit means: ‘from; produced or caused by; born or produced ‘in’ or ‘at’ or ‘upon’ ; growing in; living at.

There are many words associated with this letter.

Jathi- the caste in which one is born

Sujatha- the one with a good birth

Janani- mother

Janaka- father

jathakam- the details regarding one’s birth.

The flower lotus has many names ending with ‘ज’

Neeraja नीरज - born in water

Jalaja जलज - born in water

Pankaja पंकज - born in slush

Saroja सरोज - born in a spring or brook

Sarasija सरसिज - born in a lake

So also, Sita has many names derived from her father’s name:

Janaki - Daughter of Janaka

Vaidehi - Videha’s daughter (Janaka had a name ‘Videha’ – One who rose beyond the body- he was a great saint and so,not bound by his body.

Maithili - born in Mithila

Sita - means a furrow. She was found in a furrow when Janaka was ploughing the field.

The word ‘Dwija’ द्विज means ‘twice born. This word refers to birds and Brahmins. Birds are first born as eggs and then hatch out as chicks. Brahmins are originally born as babies and during the Upanayanam, are born again as Brahmins.

This is for you :

Son’s son is ‘Poutra’ पौत्र i.e., putra’s putra. What is the daughter’s son called in Sanskrit? Why?

* This post is only for those interested in Sanskrit
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