Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Alphabet

The Alphabet

The English word alphabet came from the Latin word alphabetum, which in turn originated in the Greek , from alpha and beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. Alpha and beta in turn came from the first two letters of the Phoenician alphabet, and originally meant ox and house respectively.

Just as the cow is considered sacred in India because of its usefulness, the ox was given great credit in the European countries. People used it to plough the lands, draw their carts and ate its meat. When they thought of developing symbols for sounds, they made the ox’s head the first symbol, the letter ‘A’. In the beginning, it was like ‘V’, a symbol of its two horns. Later, it was inverted to the present ‘upside down’ form and the middle line was added.

* Did you know that the ஆய்த எழுத்து in Tamil is a symbol of the three eyes of Lord Shiva?

* What is the name of the script in which Sanskrit and Hindi are written?
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