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Common Errors in English-3

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Common Errors in English-3
29th June

Common Errors in English-3

Use of singular nouns after 'One of'

Expressions such as 

'He is one of my best friend' is quite common. 
Actually, it should have been 'one of my best friends'.

The error occurs because the speaker is misled by the word 'one'.

But, if we have to take 'one' of something, there should be at least two. If there are two fruits, you may take one. If there is only one, how can you take one of it?

It is wrong to say: She is one of the greatest singer.
The correct expression is ‘She is one of the greatest singers’.

That reminds me of another common error usually found in leave letters ( especially, those written by school going children). If you are submitting the leave letter after availing leave, you should not write, ‘Please grant me leave for ….. days.’ How can anyone grant leave after you have already taken it?

It is always better to submit the leave letter before going on leave. In that case, the expression, ‘Please grant me leave for ….. days.’, is correct. If by any chance, due to some reason, it is not possible, then the letter should contain the request, ‘Please treat my absenceas leave.’ ( i.e., please pretend as if I have got permission from you earlier, though I have not actually done so.’

* What is spoonerism?

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