Thursday, 20 March 2014

Words often confused and misused - 10

1.     Dose  and Doze

Dose   /dəʊs/         Prescribed amount of medication

The doctor increased the dose of pain killers as my pain
became unbearable.
Doze /dəʊz/                    Have a short sleep, especially during the day

As I was listening to the story, I dozed off.

2.     Draft, Draught and Drought

Draft /drɑːft       sketch, outline or summary of plan/letter etc. / bank draft

I have finished the first draft of my story. I may have to make a few changes after reading it again.

Draught /drɑːft/   Current of air/an amount of liquid that you swallow at one time

The draught of cold air that blew into the room made her shiver.

After taking a draught of wine, she put the glass down.

Drought  /draʊt/            a long period of time when there is little or no rain
Many farmers left the village after the drought that year.
3.     Drown and Sink

Drown/draʊn               to sink under water and die

When the Titanic sank in the sea, most of the people on board were drowned.

Sink/sɪŋk/                       Go beneath the surface of liquid
A log of wood will float on water, but a stone will sink.

4.     Dual and Duel

Dual /ˈdjuːəl/         things that have two similar aspects, parts, or functions
Earlier, sofas served a dual purpose – to sit on as well as, to sleep on.
Duel /ˈdjuːəlA fight between two parties
Shyam and Gopi entered into a duel. Their mother rushed in to separate them.

5.     Earn and Yearn  

Yearn /jɜː(r)n/      to want something a lot, especially something 


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