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Errors in pronunciation

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The very word ‘pronunciation’(ப்ரனன்ஷியேஷன்/प्रनंसियेशनis usually pronounced as pronounciation’(ப்ரொனௌன்ஷியேஷன்/प्रनोउन्सियेशन )

The spelling for the verb ‘pronounce’ (ப்ரொனௌன்ஸ் /प्रोनोउन्स )
has ‘ou’ in the middle. But the noun ‘pronunciation’ has only ‘u’ and not ‘ou’. 

Similar words are:

        résumé /resume

This word is pronounced in two different ways and it has two different meanings. The first résumé (ரெஸ்யூமே/ रेस्यूमेis a noun and it refers to the summary of one’s academic and work history. It is also known as C.V. (Curriculum vitae) or Bio-data.


I have sent my résumé and am hoping to be called for an interview.
A well-prepared résumé is a must for forming a good impression.

The second resume (ரெஸ்யூம்/ रेस्यूमis a verb. It means ‘to take up something again after an interruption’.


I resumed my studies after a break of two years.
She has resumed teaching.

             Memento (மெமெண்டோ/ मेमेंटो )

This word is usually pronounced as momento (மொமெண்டோ /मोमेंटो ). But the correct pronunciation is (மெமெண்டோमेमेंटो ). It refers to an object kept as a reminder or a souvenir of a person or an event. ( Remember the word, 'memory'. Then you can't make the mistake).

             Creche (க்ரெஷ் / क्रेश)

        It is a place where young children are cared for. This word is mispronounced in appalling ways- (க்ரீச்சே/ க்ரீச் / क्रीचे / क्रीच ) etc. . The correct pronunciation is (க்ரெஷ் / क्रेश)

* What is the obsessive interest in words called?

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