Sunday, 9 March 2014

Ordinal Numbers

Friday, July 5, 2013

Another common error is using ‘st’ / ‘nd’/ ‘rd’/ ‘th’ after theRoman numerals- like Ist/ IInd/ IIIrd/ IVth.

They are ordinal numbers that indicate their position or order in relation to other numbers. According to Roman numerals, ‘I’ means first and ‘II’ means second. There is no need for the addition of ‘st’ / ‘nd’/‘rd’/ or /‘th’. If you write ‘page II’, it does not mean page two; it means page second. This error is found in very important official documents as well as in posters and hoardings. When something is visually seen again and again, it gets registered in the brain.

We commonly use words such as ‘brunch’, ‘motel’, ‘Tanglish’ etc. What is the name given to such words? Why?

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  1. very useful article for the beginning stage as well as to polish our English standard too. Ms Ramadevi has selected these important topics. Thanks. WHOAM.