Sunday, 9 March 2014

Words often confused and misused: 4

1.     Between and among

Between       To and from
I would like to meet you between 2 p.m and 4.p.m. ( ‘Between’ is used only when there are two things. If there are more than two numbers, ‘among’ is used.)
Among          In the midst of
Please distribute the sweets among the students.

2.    Canvas and Canvass

Canvas          kind of rough cloth
Bags made out of canvas cloth are strong and last long.
Canvass       To ask for votes
Nowadays, film actors have started canvassing for votes.

3.    Cast and Caste      

Cast         To throw somebody or something ( The word does not change in its past tense of past participle form)
We should think of donating our old clothes instead of casting them away.
Caste       Hindu class system
In the olden dayscastes were decided based on the professions of individuals.

4.    Ceremonious and Ceremonial

Ceremonious          Carefully formal or polite
The chief minister was given a   Ceremonious welcome.
Ceremonial              Done as part of a ceremony
The award was given at a ceremonial function.

5.    Childish and Childlike

Childish        Immature, suiting a child (mainly negative) ( Better to avoid this adjective when one wants to give someone a compliment)

Her behavior was quite childish. She must learn to exercise more restraint.

Childlike        Having the innocent, unspoiled quality of a child (positive)

Everyone is fascinated by Divya’s childlike smile.

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