Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Words often confused and misused: 1

After many months, I am back and hope to continue with my blogging.

We tend to get confused between words either because they look alike or sound alike. They need not necessarily be homonyms or homophones. Some kind of similarity can make people get confused. When we misuse words, the greatest disadvantage is that we fail to get our ideas across. They can also prove hilarious or dangerous. It is better to know the difference between words and use them appropriately.

1.                 Abuse                  Maltreatment of a person or animal
                              In some houses, children are abused even today.
            Misuse                 The incorrect or improper use of something.
                                          The officer was arrested for misusing his authority.
2.         Adapt                   Adjust
                                          My sister easily adapted to her new home after her wedding.
            Adopt                   Follow; legally raise another’s child
                                          The childless couple adopted a baby girl last month.
            Adept                   Expert
                                          He is an adept at playing saxophone.
3.         Affect                   Influence somebody or something
                              Meera is affected by the chill weather.
          Effect                   Result; being in force or operation; power to influence
                                          This medicine has very good effect.
4.         Alibi                       The accused’s claim of having been somewhere else
                              The  movie, ‘Drishyam’ revolves round the concept of alibi.
          Alias                       Also known as (a.k.a)
                                          Chanakya alias Kautilya was the author of Arthashastra.
5.        Alone                     Without company
                                    I don’t like to stay alone in the house.
         Lonely                    Feeling alone

                                          We at times feel lonely in the midst of a crowd.

More will follow.

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