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Errors in the use of singular and plural

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Errors in the use of singular and plural:

One can give a lot of advice. (not advices.)

You may read poetry. But you can’t read poetries. You can read only poems.

‘Staff’ is a collective known comprising all the members of the staff. It is singular.

The staff is very happy with Umesh’s performance. ( Not staffs.)

The scenery was breathtaking. ( not sceneries).But we can say,
The scenes were lovely.

We have bought new furniture- (not furnitures) . We have bought a few chairs and tables.

I bought a loaf of bread and ate three slices.

For your reference:

Nouns, always singular

advice                   help                 honesty           music              poverty
Information           beauty              bravery           truth                wisdom
knowledge           bread                 butter             coffee            gold    
milk                      sugar              luggage          water               powder
silk                       hair                  furniture          weather          scenery
homework            stationery       poetry             traffic               crew

Nouns, always plural

jeans                     shorts                          pants               tights               trousers
binoculars            glasses                       pliers               scissors          spectacles
contents                Alms                           savings           oats                 stairs
belongings           riches                          wages             arms               surroundings 
drugs                    outskirts                      teens               arrears            earnings
premises              thanks                         auspices        regards           funds  
clothes                  condolences              goods             congratulations
Nouns, singular in form but plural in sense:                   
cattle         people            police 

Nouns in the same form in singular and plural:             
deer   poultry     sheep      public     fish       issue

* What is onomatopoeia?

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